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Olusola Adebiyi, also known as Sola Story, lives in north London having grown up in a Yoruba speaking household. The Yoruba people come from what is now southwestern Nigeria. Sola hails from a long lineage of orators, priests and hunters. He says that the proverbs and legends he learned as a child, served as ‘root soil’ in his development over the last twenty-five years as a professional storyteller. Sola has also been an instructor in an African Martial art and dance called KaZimba Ngoma since 2001. He uses Manyamas (animal forms) to enhance his storytelling narratives.
Sola combines storytelling with group facilitation work. As a founder of Narrative Mindfulness Ltd he has inspired children, young people and adults in Africa, America and Britain through his 'Awakening Creative Genius Programme,' helping people develop self-belief and confidence through the power of storytelling blended with diverse arts. "As a professional African storyteller and a creative youth worker I am invested in bringing the ancient initiatory aspects of Storytelling into the modern era," he says. "Storytelling is part of our ancestors gift to the world, it is our heritage and I tap into that ancestral well to inspire modern day Griots, as an awakener of youth using myths and legends that speak to the subconscious mind. I rejuvenate the power at the core of their being."
Sola has written a series of stories and published a book called Nyinka's Daughter in 2016. He is currently running "Rebirth of The Griot: a monthly African storytelling and spoken word event. He is also writing an "Awakening Creative Genius" guide and manual.  

Sola Adebiyi tells a story from the Congo, The Tortoise.

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