The First Man Was a Woman (Spanish version)

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Rafo Diaz is an actor, storyteller and artist from Peru. He listened to stories in his early childhood and became fascinated by Amazonian legends. In 2001 Rafo was trained in the art of storytelling by the French philosopher, François Vallaeys. Since then, Rafo has presented shows around the world, participating in forums, book fairs, storytelling and theatre festivals in Latin America, Europe and Africa. He is a member of the International Network of Storytellers. He is the author of thirteen books of stories in Spanish, Portuguese and English, as well as local African languages. These include many of his own stories and illustrations. As a Peruvian multi-disciplinary artist Rafo initially trained in alternative theatre. Between 1990 and 1995 he explored tribal theatre in the Amazon, and was inspired by Jerzy Grotowsky’s Poor theatre and Eugenio Barba’s Anthropology of the actor. In 1995 he founded “Katziboreri Productions” producing theatrical performances across Latin America and Europe. Painting has also been a passion throughout his life. His works have been selected for international art biennales and publications, and have been included in fourteen art exhibitions in Peru, Nicaragua, Mozambique, Colombia, France, USA and Guinea Bissau. He has spent recent years working with the United Nations, the World Health Organization and Medicins Sans Frontiers in Mozambique and Guinea Bissau. “My passion as a storyteller is to share, learn and experiment. I am a storyteller so I can get close to a special world and bring others closer to that world,” he says. “Collective memory is sacred. I am passionate about being the umbilical cord which feeds the real world with fantasy and dreams.” He tells this story, The First Man Was a Woman, in Spanish.

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