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Jay Menes is a multi-talented artist whose activities include storytelling, singing, hosting, directing, facilitating workshops as well as acting on stage and screen. Jay is an experienced storyteller and trainer, qualified to teach in theatre and cultural education. He describes himself as an entrepreneur and adventurer in life. He has a passion for storytelling and believes that anyone can be a storyteller using their own personal style. He has also gained experience in the corporate world, having worked in a Malaysian bank in the Philippines for seven years. After his stint as a banker, Jay pursued a career as a freelance performing artist. He enjoys meeting and interacting with children, teachers, parents and students. He has travelled all over the Philippine archipelago sharing Filipino stories. Jay is the first Filipino member of International Storytelling Network known as Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos (RIC). He is also a member of Federation of Asian Storytellers (FEAST). He was the winner of the 17th Iran International Storytelling Festival and was one of the judges for their 20th festival. He has twice sat as a judge for the Asian English Olympics in Jakarta, Indonesia. Jay has performed in many countries including the USA, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. He is the Founder of Storyhouse Philippines.




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