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Fabio Lisboa is an award-winning Brazilian author, storyteller and speaker. He has a degree in Languages (Portuguese-English) from the University of São Paulo and a postgraduate degree in “The Art of Storytelling: Poetic, Literary and Performing Approaches.” He is a storyteller and teacher-trainer at various well known schools and cultural centres. He has also been a consulting specialist in Story Reading for the Education Department in the City of São Paulo (2019). On top of that he is a trainer of storytellers. He has performed and taught in Brazil, Argentina, Canada and United Arab Emirates. “One master storyteller once told me that storytelling is a dance between suspense and revelation,” he says. “I would also add a third element – transformation. Take the epic One Thousand and One Nights for example. It has it all. From the beginning to the end, the narrative is sustained by suspense, revelation and transformation.”

Fabio’s website is: www.contarhistorias.com.br

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