The Hunchback and the Swan

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Amy Douglas is a vibrant professional storyteller with a passion for traditional stories and riddles.

She first discovered storytelling at the age of 14 and has been a devotee of the art, broadening her knowledge, experience and skills as a storyteller as well as promoting and celebrating the art form ever since. In 1993 Amy was awarded the first West Midlands Arts Storytelling Apprenticeship and spent a year studying with professional storytellers throughout Britain and further afield including Helen East, Hugh Lupton, Liz Weir, Jim May and Duncan Williamson.

She was a founder member of both the Tales at the Edge storytelling club and Festival at the Edge international storytelling festival. She served two years as a Director of the Society for Storytelling, organising the Annual Gatherings for 1999 in Stockport and 2000 in Telford.

Over the past twenty years she has delved deep into the folklore of Britain, revelling in tales of the strange and macabre; memories of magic and otherworlds; proud recollections of folk history; stories to make you smile, sigh or shiver; stories that have been moulded by the land, weather and generations of tongues wagging.

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