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Juliana Marin (aka @AchiraStories) is a nomadic traditional storyteller from Colombia, who travels the world with barely any money. She has sat with shamans in the Amazon, hitchhiked on ambulances, lost all her stories and been found by them again—all this, to bring you a story, so that you will go out and live your own.

A graduate of the Vivapalabra Storytelling School in Medellín, Juliana has funded her travels almost entirely by telling stories along the way, whether at a festival in Morocco, a street corner in Scotland or on top of a pyramid in Mexico. She is currently (as of 2023) in Europe, working her way east.

From the magical realism of Gabriel García Márquez, to true accounts of her life on the road, from goddesses to ghosts to indigenous wisdom, Achira stories may break your heart or knit it back together, but they will always make you think.

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