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Since 2010 Polina has been telling stories in Estonian, Russian and English. She performs a great deal in Estonia and abroad. So far she has recorded three storytelling albums, which are also available in three languages: “Singing Stories” (2017), “When We Grow Up” (2018) and “Birds’ Tales” (2019). Her first album was nominated for the annual literary award in Estonia in 2018, and was dedicated to her newly-born daughter. For six years Polina taught Social and Cultural Anthropology at Tallinn University. She also lived in Istanbul and carried out extensive ethnographic fieldwork in Turkey studying Sufi practices and Turkish music therapy. Polina refers to her genre of storytelling as 'soul-centered.' She tells traditional and modern real-life stories, tales she has composed herself as well as stories she has collected in her travels and fieldwork. She combines her storytelling with the music of the rare instruments she plays, such as the birbyne, rebab, sitar, kalimba, santur, lyra, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, flute, percussion and many others.
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