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Jean-Marc Pierson has been performing as a storyteller for more than twenty years, mostly in his home country of France. He also holds a degree in psychology, which he feels gives him additional insight into the communication process. Today, not only is Jean-Marc an accomplished storyteller but he trains other people in the art of public speaking,  through his own unique style which he calls "Speed Public Speaking." When he arrived in the UK in 2008, Jean-Marc says he could hardly hold a conversation in English, which one would find hard to believe if you met him now. Jean-Marc tells us, that back in his school days, when asked by his teacher to come to the blackboard and face the class, he was so terrified, that he could not perform even the simplest task. So given the long struggling journey he has taken to bring him to where he is today, we cannot think of a better person to impart his knowledge and expertise of public speaking to others.
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