The Two Squirrels

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Eli Anderson has been writing for over thirty years. In that time Eli has developed his craft as a teller, poet and narrative coach. Eli has taught, created and delivered a variety of workshops in relation to storytelling, the use of mindfulness techniques, mentoring, performance art, musicianship, intergenerational work and general presentation. He is also a visiting lecturer and has been asked to present on subjects concerned primarily with eldership, health care and community education. In his work as a narrative coach, he uses storytelling to help clients support and feel good about themselves. Eli uses the ancient craft of storytelling to enable individuals and groups to reflect positively upon the critical issues of their life. This technique is important when addressing areas where people are seeking intuitive answers to difficult and challenging questions about their lives. He is a board member for the national mental health charity, Nafsiyat, and occupies the role of an appointed magistrate.
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