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Abdul Nasser al Tamimi has worked as an actor, playwright and screen writer since he was seventeen years old at theatre school in Kuwait. Since then he has participated in many theatrical and radio performances. After a long break he returned to acting in 2016, undergoing training workshops to develop his performance skills. Before that he specialised in storytelling, especially for children. He found that it brought him great happiness, particularly after his retirement. In recent years he has presented dozens of shows in schools, shopping malls and festivals. He has also conducted interviews on television. Some of his acting roles include the TV serial Oud Akhader, the films Abdalla, Tagail, Sabab Sheeab, Just Smile and Confusion. He has also made dubbing voice overs for the spice market in Dubai and Nissan cars. His writing includes the plays River of Madness, The Black Table, The Trap and Sparrow as well as the children’s plays The End of Popeye, Ibn Majid on the Flying Carpet and the comedy tv series Let’s Talk Arabic. In 2020, during the Coronavirus crisis, Abul Nasser set up his own YouTube channel.
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