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Lillian Rodrigues-Pang is an internationally acclaimed, award winning storyteller. Her performances intertwine the oral tradition with percussion, movement and improvisation to captivate and transport audiences. She has written and toured solo as well as with ensemble theatre shows in Peru, Colombia, Barcelona, Singapore, Malaysia, Iran, Kenya, in North America and on Australian main-stages, theatres, at schools and in community groups settings. When she is not on stage, she is sharing story love in the community as a connective, teaching and healing art. She has over twenty years experience of working in mental health. She says living with and loving those with mental illness has fostered a deep belief in the creative process as a path to wellness. Lilli has worked in recovery centres, in schools, with refugee communities and youth at risk using storytelling to connect communities, create a stronger sense of self and as a gift for all occasions. Lilli is an accomplished storytelling trainer and educator. She has a Masters degree in TESOL and since 2020 has been the director and presenter of the multilingual storytelling festival in NSW, Australia, called Southern Skies. She has an out of date website (that she continuously plans to upgrade and which, despite being housebound during COVID, she has not even made a dent on! – just email her 🙂

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