How the Bear Lost his Tail

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Meg Nömgård is the Director of the Land of Legends in Ljungby, Sweden. She is both a museologist and a storyteller. Growing up, Meg spent her school holidays at her grandparent’s farm in the countryside. The surrounding deep forests became her playground – forests where stories of animals, trolls, giants and other beings, from Scandinavian folktales, were all around. She has studied and worked in Sweden, Britain, Germany and South Africa and has performed as a storyteller in schools, festivals, museums and universities. Since 2012 Meg has been the director of the Land of Legends, an organisation which highlights the oral tradition, by running the Museum of Legends, the Ljungby International Storytelling Festival, legendary places in the landscape, storytelling courses and storytelling lessons in schools, to name but a few of its activities. In 2018 the Land of Legends was adopted on the register of Good Safeguarding Practices, part of UNESCO’s Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Today Meg works with intangible cultural heritage in Sweden and abroad, in collaboration with this convention. In 2016 she was awarded the Swedish UNESCO Prize for her work in this field.

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Ljungby, Sweden

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