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In 1978 Pete Castle left a career in teaching to become a professional folk singer. In the early 1980s Pete discovered storytelling and likes to mix both - a song and a story on a similar theme or a story which leads to a song or vice versa. Pete’s musical repertoire is made up of traditional English songs. His story repertoire includes English folk tales, shaggy dog stories, extended jokes and tales from Europe. Pete sees himself as a ‘fireside teller’ in style. He doesn’t wear costume or use props. He would much rather just let one item lead to another and be led by the audience reaction. Pete was born and brought up in Ashford, Kent but has lived most of his life in the Midlands - the last 30 years in Derbyshire, which he now considers home. He includes a lot of Derbyshire material in his storytelling. Over the years he has played and told all over the UK for adults and children, performing in clubs, arts and literature festivals, libraries, village fetes, historical societies and story walks. One of his career highlights was being invited as ‘a cultural exemplar’ to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington DC. Pete currently edits Facts and Fiction - probably the only independent magazine dedicated to oral storytelling in the world.
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