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Nana Tomova was born by the Black sea in Bulgaria and loves telling stories of the deep blue sea. She translates and performs Bulgarian tales which have not been heard before. Nana worked as a pharmacist for a decade. This inspired her to create the Story Apothecary Podcast, where she dispenses medicinal stories for the whole world. Nana tells stories at events, in mental health settings, at universities and in conferences. Her telling has been described as “An ocean of inspiration,” “Spellbinding” and people say that she “has the power to make the audience feel in safe hands.” She is based in Sussex. She enjoys telling stories from around the world, and most of all loves to tell stories about nature, transformational tales about strong women as well as traditional Bulgarian and Slavic Stories. As a Lowland Leader, Nana loves leading storytelling walks where she combines the gift of the surrounding nature with the wisdom of stories to create a magical experience.
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Sofia, Bulgaria

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