Zandra Johnson

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Zandra Johnson is a UK storyteller and founder of Fairy Tale Children's Furniture.

Once upon a time, in a land where the sun always shone lived a little girl. She swam in the warm blue sea and loved stories, “Let’s pretend” games and all the colours of nature.

When she grew up she loved to make chairs especially for children. Children like her who loved “Let’s pretend” games and most of all stories. So for everything she made she wrote a story book to go with it. Stories about elephants, zebras, ponies and dogs.

She loved stories so much she couldn’t stop telling them to people. She wrote stories for other websites, stories for her own, she told stories to children in Dubai, South Africa, Kenya and England. Now she tells stories to grownups at theatres, book shops and once on a long distance train in Canada.

Now she writes stories and tells other people’s stories, because stories are meant to be shared. To her, telling stories is just like playing “Let’s pretend”, and after all – she never really grew up.

Find out more about Zandra on her website.

Zandra Johnson from the UK
tells the African story
Murile and the Underworld

28th December 2015


Zandra Johnson from the UK
tells the story
The Song of the Magical Bird

20th December 2015