Sola Adebiyi

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Storyteller Sola Adebiyi

“If what you have in your hand is not your Harvest, then let it be your seed”

Introducing performance storyteller and Narrative Mindfulness coach Sola Adebiyi.

Sola grew up in a Yoruba (Nigerian) household in which the stories and proverbs he learned from his parents and relatives were ‘root soil’ leading to his understanding of the universally healing nature of storytelling, song, drama and the arts in general. His mission therefore is to provide people with ‘Mythic Medicine:’ stories concepts and tools that enliven, and heal as well as entertain.

Sola has long been a Social Artist, Educator and Youth Leader, drawing on years of international experience storytelling, facilitating and teaching KaZimba Ngoma (African martial arts). A love of his is to create transformative experiences for people and to participate in developing creative communities that foster growth for all.

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Sola Adebiyi
tells the story
The Tortoise
a tale from The Congo

8th April 2016