Fidaa Ataya

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Fidaa Ataya - Storyteller and Film Maker

Fidaa Ataya was born and lives in Kufer Ni’meh. She has made seven short films and learnt her film making skills at the Amin Media Network.

Fidaa is an active young woman who enjoys working with children and youth in many organizations. She performs puppet shows, enjoys story telling and promotes development through sports. "Children are always happy after they have participated in our activities. For me, puppet shows, story telling and playing sports are good ways to share different messages with children. The last performance taught them the importance of being honest.”

She has received training in various fields in Beirut, Lebanon, at the Tamer Institute in occupied Palestinian territory and the Amman Arab Education Forum and attended training in Qatar conducted by the organization Right to Play and the UN Office on Sports for Development and Peace.

Fidaa Ataya from Palestine,
tells the story
the Cat and the Chick

29th July 2015