The House of Stories

The Home for Storytelling on the Web

What we are about

The House of Stories is an online collection of stories. We like to think of it as “the home of storytelling on the web” or “One Thousand and One Nights for the Digital Age.” The website and YouTube channel feature video footage of storytellers from all over the world telling folk tales, myths and legends. Some are traditional, others are modern and some combine both. What we are trying to do is showcase engaging and well-told stories, just as they were originally meant to be appreciated – i.e. as visual and auditory performances as opposed to just words on a page. The site has two basic purposes: to preserve stories from extinction and to act as a forum to encourage the next generation of storytellers. The preservation aspect is very important as it is about saving humanity’s oral heritage. However the forum aspect is also crucial as it will be a living and breathing online community in which those with an interest can interact, tell each other about forthcoming events, swap ideas and so on. We will also interview storytellers about how they became interested in the craft, the tricks of their trade etc to inspire the next generation.

What we aim to do

We aim to create the largest collection of stories in the world that are accessible to everyone forever. We aim to encourage people to submit their own footage in order that the site can become self-generating although we will continue to curate the site.

Our audience

We aim to appeal to as broad an audience as possible, whether men or women, adults or children, experts or novices. For those with a deeper interest in the subject we aim to provide analysis from academics.

Our Methods

We aim to record storytellers telling (not reading) a single narrative with no complicated props, set designs. The relatively low-tech approach should encourage people to shoot and submit their own footage.